You are amazing!!!

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YOU ARE AMAZING! Yes, You! In fact YOU are so amazing that thousands of Angels are closely watching over you, waiting for you command and ready to help you and serve you anytime, anywhere with just about anything.

You are so amazing that the whole existence smiles and cheers with joy just thinking about you! You are so amazing life wants nothing else but to embrace you in Its loving energy all the time. You are Source’s best & most beautiful firework!

You’re so amazing people greet, welcome, support, cherish, love, nourish you; follow you on twitter; smile to you, wish you well, say kind things about you, want to be your friends, lovers; people want to eat lunch & drink coffee with you, invite you to their parties and send you postcards from their holidays… and many many more!

You are amazing because you exist. You are amazing! You are perfect! You are super precious to the whole of the life and to each of us. Without you life wouldn’t be complete. You are amazing, so please keep on shining your magnificent light and inspire existence!

If you still have doubts, watch this:

Ocean of love and gratitude to you for being soooo super cool & amazing You


Photo credit: Morberg

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  1. elaine
    May 24, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Beautiful words…. Spoken right from the heart… just what I needed to hear and see today.
    Keep shining Magdalena… The world is so bright with you in it, it gives me the courage to shine also!
    xx e

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