Who I am

Hi, I’m Magdalena Moryson,
Your Empowerment Coach,

My passion is to help you connect with who you truly are so you can be empowered and create life of your dreams.

Are you struggling to embrace who you are and live your life purpose?

I have tapped into my own greatness and potential. I’ve chosen to follow this path because I’ve seen first-hand the power of loving and embracing of who you are and shaping your life from within. As within so without!
I’m an experienced coach, healer, the Journey practitioner and an intuitive. I have created my own technique called Source Energy Healing which is very deep and powerful healing modality.

Although my work is rooted in spiritual teaching and energy world, I teach very practical tools and techniques that every person can use to transform their life. I draw from my own experience and the experience I’ve gained from working with numerous clients and I meet you where you are. I then gently guide you into your inner world, where you get to connect and learn to draw from your inner self and joyfully manifest your life. I will teach you how to be clear and connected with your inner self and use your potential and greatness. I work with people who are open and are willing to look within and take action and to grow and expand. Guiding my clients I help them to achieve Self-Love, Empowerment and Well-being.

I was born and grew up in Poland, in a beautiful coastal city Gdansk. I have moved to Dublin, Ireland just after graduating from college. This is where I am almost 17 years later, sharing my life adventures with my amazing husband, daughters and one cat. I have become curious of self-help and personal development in my early twenties. I needed to release an old baggage which was holding me back from being my wonderful, sparkly self. I have quickly discovered the effects of working through the old stuff and decided to make a career out of it. I am passionate about helping people to reconnect with who they truly are and living their lives up to their fullest potential. I believe in kindness, joy and power, qualities of my inner self, who guides me and helps me to shape my life.