Weekly inspiration 6th June 2012

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This post starts a new series called ‘Weekly inspiration’. It’s one of my main goals to inspire, that’s why I decided to share with you a selection of videos that are heart opening, thought provoking and hopefully life transforming, together with my short comment.

First up is this TED talk by Abigail Washburn. She talks about building US-China relations … by playing banjo.

The reasons I found this talk inspiring are:

1. Abigail is being her absolute true self as she talks and sings. She’s not hiding anything, not pretending to be more or less than she is. She stands there in absolute truth, openness and vulnerability of her inner self.

2. She is allowing herself to be seen – really seen by all of us watching.

3. She speaks and sings from her heart – here’s an example: ‘’Outside your door the world is waiting. Inside your heart the voice is calling. The four corners of the world are watching, so travel daughter, travel. Go get it girl.’’ Another one is the story she tells about little Chinese girl who lost her mother in an earthquake. That’s the way to communicate, to touch people and to make a difference!

4. She lives her life purpose – she opened the talk by saying that she had a plan for life and it was very remote from what she’s doing right now. Life on the other hand had a different plan for her and what’s so amazing about it is that she has embraced it and went with it into the unknown.

5. Abigail trusts life. How many people would chose to follow that what life has in store for them instead of their own wishes and wants?

6. She is mightily courageous. To be and do all of the above – these are the proofs of her courage.

7. She sees beyond obvious – she could be a lawyer yet she chose the path less travelled. Also her words about the power of music connecting the cultures and the hearts speak volume about looking into the depth of life.

She concludes: ‘’I wanna dwell on that light (the light that keeps us here) with you and with everyone.’’ That statement itself gave me goose bumps!

She lives her life in such a magnificent way without labelling it, saying for example that this is or isn’t spiritual way of living, yet she ticks all of the boxes of living from within and that’s what so extraordinary and amazing about Abigail. She is a true inspiration to me and a wonderful person to take example from.

Please share your thoughts and let me know whether you like this video or not, were you inspired and touched? I’m very excited to hear from you. Thank you.


1 comment
  1. Essvari
    June 6, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Thank you first and foremost for sharing this wonderful and inspiring clip with all of us.

    To have her dream and the courage to stand up and actually share it with the masses. That’s true strength!

    Abigail had taught me a very important lesson. One does not have to be big or powerful to display strength. One simply has to have unselfish love to be truly strong.

    Thank you once again Magdalena for sharing this.

    Peace & Love to you.

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