Weekly inspiration 13th June 2012

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This week’s inspirational video is by Lissa Rankin. She’s a physician and her talk’s title is The Shocking Truth About Your Health.

Hold on to your seat as this talk is quite radical and turns the traditional medicine model and the way we think about our bodies and health upside down!

The core massages of Lissa’s talk are:

1. Your body doesn’t shape how you live your life; instead it’s a MIRROR of how you live your life. Therefore when all of the aspects of your life are in balance so is your body. It also speaks and whispers to you letting you know that something is not right. When you ignore it it will shout. When you still chose to ignore it the perfect storm will hit and then you have only one option: ‘When your life falls apart you either grow or you grow a tumour.’

2. Focus on things that really matter and affect your well-being:

– Healthy relationships,

– Healthy professional life,

– Expressing yourself creatively,

– Being spiritually connected,

– Having a healthy sex life,

– Having healthy finances,

– Living in a healthy environment,

– Being mentally healthy,

– Having a healthy body (cherry on top).

3. Peel all of your labels and strip all of your masks. Let go of what and who you are not. Ask yourself: ‘How can I be more transparent?’ ‘How can I open myself more to possibilities?’ ‘How can I be more honest with myself about what I need and who I am?’

4. Get to the root cause of your imbalances and heal them at that level. Your body given the opportunity will naturally get back into its natural state of well-being. Ask yourself: ‘What’s the real reason I’m sick/suffering?’ ‘What is really out of balance?’

5. Get in touch with your Inner Pilot Light (I call it Higher Self) as it is your guidance system, your biggest fan and the biggest healer. That part is also the foundation stone of the Cairn symbolising your life.

This talk is inspirational for me because:

1. Lissa brings together all of the things I teach about – in one talk! It’s amazing, for me anyway.

2. She breaks the mould of the allopathic medicine model – it takes a huge amount of guts and courage!

3. She shifts our attention from distractions to what really matters and points us to our core.

4. She not only talks the talk but is willing and in fact she does walk the walk – not many leaders/teachers do that.

Lissa concludes – ‘If you knew that stripping all of the masks and letting us see this beautiful light in you was the solution to your health problems would you be willing to do this? I dare you.’

I dare you too! Ha, double dare!




Photo credit: loop_oh