Three the most valuable & life changing lessons

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The most difficult, painful and frustrating yet so-worth-to-go-trough lessons I’ve learnt on my path of spiritual development were: trust, letting go and surrender. They were honestly the most challenging so far to deal with. Being now on the other side of the door, I offer you my insights and help on those hugely important life lessons. Let’s begin with…


There’s one most important thing to remember about trust: trust is a choice! Yes, it’s not something you are pre-programed with or not! I wish it was that simple! It’s a point of choice you have each and every second of your life. You either chose to trust or not. It’s also tied with opening your heart. So the more you trust, the more your heart is open!

There are two types of trust: conditional – which is not really trust and unconditional – that’s the one I’m talking about. The conditional is like trying to bargain with life – ‘Ok, so I’ll trust you if you…’ or ‘You need to be/do or have … so I can trust you…’. It’s not a real deal. The unconditional trust is saying yes, no matter what! Practice this one!

Then there are different layers of trust. You can trust (or not):

– Yourself: your body, higher self, conscious mind, subconscious mind, etc.

– Others,

– Life, God, the Infinite, the Universe…

There are many different scenarios depending on which option you have chosen to play in your life. For example, if you chose not to trust life (I’m talking about choice on soul level; choice made for learning & inner- growth) you most likely have control issues. Meaning- you would like to control everything and everybody so you can feel safe and make sure you’ve got it all covered, just in case there’s any danger.  If, in contrary, you trust life and believe & even know it will take you wherever you need to be, all you need to do is allow that to happen and co-operate with that life-force. Both cases are total opposites of one another. Once again, the choice of trusting or not trusting is yours.

What are you choosing right now? What would you like to choose? What can you do to start trusting? Well, chose to do so, to start with and release the pattern of luck of trust. It’s a process, so it normally doesn’t happen overnight, yet the benefits and the quality of life you get once you start to trust are worth the effort.

One more thing on trust – it’s a link between the mental and the physical worlds. It provides the continuity during the time laps between having an idea and manifesting it in reality.


Letting go happens on mental level and means to give away all cares, worries & burden you have been carrying to the Infinite, trusting that all is going to be taken care of and resolved in highest way. You can let go of:



– Circumstances/outcome

There is one thing – you can fully let go only if you are detached from the thing you’re letting go. If you say: I’ll try to let it go, what it really means you’re not ready to do so. There’s still some attachment whether conscious or not. When carrying something or being with someone or living in certain circumstances is more then we can cope with and handle then the letting go is more probable to take place. Until such time we keep carrying our stuff, no matter what it might be. Just remember there’s absolutely no need for you to go through life with any burden! All you need to do is stop and handle it to the Infinite – It is more than happy to carry it for you! In truth, it’s never been your burden to carry in the first place, so just give it back to its righteous owner. Please don’t wait until your life is very painful before you let go.

Here’s a little process: Imagine you’re wrapping all your troubles, worries, relationships and circumstances you don’t want and don’t like into neatly packed parcels and just hand them to angels, your guides or ascended masters like Jesus or Mother Mary, or whoever you believe in and like working with. Once you gave back your stuff see all the negative attachments being removed. (These are like cords that are tying you to the stuff you want to let go. See them being cut, melted, hovered, etc. ).Watch the beings taking away the parcels and you are being showered with light and love that fill you in. Perform this ceremony of letting go every day or as often as you feel you need to.


Surrender happens on emotional level and means trusting the Infinite so much that you allow it to come and live through you: look through your eyes, speak with your voice, walk, act and even breathe through you. It is saying to the Infinite: ‘Hey, God, just come and step in, take over, be in charge, because You know better. I’m thy humble servant. Thy will be done.’ Surrender happens in your heart and is the pinnacle of your choice to trust God & life. Ultimately it’s when your will merges with God’s will and becomes one.

In my own experience surrender was one of the most difficult steps on my path of spiritual growth. It’s been a long and painful process yet in the end it has brought me lots of inner peace. I have my theory that mighty souls put a mighty fight before they will surrender. It’s as if mighty soul is challenging itself and God to see who is stronger and who can win the battle. There is only one winner… You can either just surrender or fight as I did. The fight is very painful and filled with frustration, fear, anger and is basically pointless. Why do we fight then? We fight because surrender means releasing your ego. One thing about ego is that it will do whatever it takes to stay alive! That’s why it keeps fighting. It doesn’t want to die. The thing is that it doesn’t evaporate or it’s not obliterated. It’s just evolved into much more subtle and milder version of its former self. I believe that we need ego. It’s very useful too and helps us living in 3D reality. If we wouldn’t need it, we wouldn’t have it in a first place. All we need to do is expose it into the light and love of our soul and the Infinite and let them transform it. I know it sound simple yet it’s not so easy to do. All I can tell you from my own perspective is that the sooner you let go and surrender the better for you. All of life looks so much more easy and peaceful once the inner fight is finally over.

No matter which lesson you’re currently going through know that I’ve been there, know how it feels and what’s more important I can help you to get through this in most gracious and effortless way possible (meaning resistance-less way – it still involves your work!). I’m here and I’ll be most honoured to assist you.

With love & blessings


 Photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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