The Practice of Meditation

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This post is for those of you who are curious about meditation and would like to give it a go yet don’t know how to go about it. Here are few practical tips…

Parts of meditation:

1. Adapting appropriate body posture

2. Entering meditation state

3. Being in meditation and realization of chosen subject

4. Finishing meditation

Body posture

You can start your meditation practice sitting upright with your feet firmly on the floor, back supported by a sofa or a chair, with your hands on your lap, palms facing upwards. Make sure that your back is straight.

The lotus flower position is great and I encourage you to use it only when you feel comfortable and you are able to sit in it for a longer time. Shifting position while in meditation interrupts the process.

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself and to go slowly rather than to overdo it! Also wear something comfortable and take off belt and any tight parts of clothing.

Entering meditation state

When you are in comfortable position close the eyes and seal yourself in the bubble of white light. Then start to relax your body using one of those techniques:

· Relaxation – stretch and lose your muscles one after another; picture wave of relaxation or warmth flowing through all parts of your body; imagine your body is more and more relaxed

· Breathing – inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly with your mouth with huh sound, you can count from one to ten; do not pause between inhaling and exhaling, continue doing so for few minutes

· Counting – chose a number, i.e. 50 and count to 1; concentrate on counting and try to visualize every number; with every breath feel calmer and more relaxed.

· More tips in my first post Being in Now.

Setting intentions

Keep your destination clearly in mind and yet enjoy all the beautiful scenes you encounter long the way. Be firm about your goal, yet flexible at the same time, just like a bamboo twig 🙂

The result

Meditation gives results when it’s kept simple and free from our expectations, judgement, and thoughts about future. Let go and make it happen. Be spontaneous and open.

Methods of finishing meditation

· Counting from 5 to 1 – say mentally when I count from 5 to 1 I will finish meditation; when I open my eyes I will be fully awaken, relaxed, peaceful and full of energy; while counting visualize numbers

· Feeling your body – bring attention to particular part of your body or to your whole body and feel it; you can move your feet, hands, etc. then open your eyes and stretch out.

Time and length of meditation

Every part of the day is good for meditation! It is believed the best time is the early morning or the evening. Why in the morning? It’s still quiet on the streets so there is less noise which could disturb you. The rest of the family is still sleeping. Also it’s important that you still have empty stomach (NOTE: try to meditate before meals or 2-3 hours after). The most important is that rising sun brings a lot of energy, which helps to meditate.

In the evening there is also peace and quiet plus you can smoothly go from meditation state to sleep.

Whichever part of the day you chose make sure it suits you.

It is vital to practise regularly, ideally every day and in the same time. Begin your practice from five minutes and slowly but gradually increase time up to thirty minutes.

Finding time for meditation

If your life is hectic and full of commitments, you may not find it easy to think about having to fit in something else, but it may help if you look on this one as a commitment to yourself. Your meditation periods are going to be times that you can spend entirely on yourself, which is a very good reason for finding the time to do it.

Managing time more effectively will have other benefits too. You may find you are more organised. This will help you to be more relaxed and enable you to focus on your meditation, which in turn will help you to feel calmer, too. After practicing meditation for a while you will discover it benefits and find out that the time you spend on it pays off, i.e. shorter sleep or being more effective at work.

Tip: Schedule meditation before or after activity you enjoy doing.

Good luck. Enjoy and share with me how you’re getting on. If you have any questions just let me know.

Love & blessings


 Photo credit: h.koppdelaney

  1. singing lessons
    singing lessons
    February 23, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    Well said. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently. I definitely want research more on this as it appears quite interesting. One thing I don’t understand though is how everything is related together.

  2. spiritualteacher
    February 24, 2010 at 1:27 am

    Thank you for your comment.
    Everything is more than just related.
    Everything and everyone is ONE. There’s just one being: God, Creator, The Infinite, whatever You call it. Each of us is just an individualization of It. We’re all connected, all one.
    It’s like the sun and rays. Each ray is separate and at the same time it’s connected to the sun. Or like a big tree and it’s leaves… same same.
    It takes a while to fully understand this concept, embrace it and live by it. Give yourself time.
    Love & blessings

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