The inner world

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Have you ever wondered how complex being you are? There are so many levels or layers to you, that sometimes it’s easy to get confused and loose a track of which part of you is currently talking trough you. I’d like to take you on the inner journey beyond the usual physical, mental & spiritual aspects of who you are. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the place where our personality and sub-personalities reside. When you make your first visit to that place it sometimes resembles of a jungle with dense and tight mesh of trees, bushes and many other plants. It takes a while to get use to place and find a path trough it. It also takes time to entangle yourself from all the twigs and branches and start seeing the light. Before you can entangle yourself, you need to find out what parts of you are living there.

The inner creatures

One of the biggest occupants of that inner jungle is your ego. This is a very interesting creature. It has many faces – there are 9 ego patterns recognized and described in enneagram. Each of us has one core ego pattern, yet we ‘do’ all of the remaining eight patterns to a different degree. So, we could imagine ego as a tree with many roots and branches. The stronger the ego the bigger the tree with more branches and roots. This means the ego is going to have much stronger grip over you.

Next occupant of the inner world is the inner child. It’s also a sub personality yet I treat it separately due to its powerful influence over life. I have wrote about that inner being recently. You can read more here. Then there come sub -personalities, which in broader spiritual aspect can be called archetypes. There are lots of them, f.e: saboteur, warrior, martyr, victim, joker, damsel, knight, lover, seducer, rescuer, wise one, just to name few. Sub-personalities are often degradations or distortions of universal qualities existing in the higher levels of one’s psyche.


Our life is a reflection of all those elements living, breathing, talking and acting trough us. They are very powerful and influential parts of us and have real implications! On top of that comes the conditioning received throughout lifetime from family, society, nation,culture, etc. This conditioning comes in a form of beliefs. There are those minor or major ones, quiet ones and loud ones, healthy and unhealthy ones. They function within us and are compared to computer viruses. They interfere with ones’ life when you least expect it. When you are not aware of them they pull you back, preventing you from growth and experiencing life to your highest capacity.

Inner embrace

Phew, I’m telling you, there’s a lot of you to embrace! There is a good news, it’s all doable! Sure, it takes time, commitment and effort but the reward is amazing. Let me tell you a little bit about it now. Embracing all of inner you is like a big spring cleaning. You start with taking a stock of what’s inside of you, becoming aware of all parts, beliefs and patterns you ‘own’. Then you take a look and decide which of them are valuable to you and which aren’t. Those that are on the list to go – you let them go, evolve , clear, heal them – however you want to call it. What is left after you finish – this is your reward! What is left is this beautiful, amazing and pure being – your soul. Thanks to all the work you’ve done you not only can see it inside of you, but you can experience it and most importantly merge with it! Now imagine how your life would be if you were living as this shinning and wonderful being? I know how my life has changed and I can tell you this is the best gift I’ve ever gave myself – to embrace and become who I truly am.

How you do it is also very important. The most crucial thing to remember is to embrace each and every aspect of yourself with huge love and compassion. Ego, sub-personalities, inner child and beliefs are all your way of coping with what is. They want to help you, the problem is that they have very limited view to your life, unlike your soul. Nevertheless, they want to help not hurt you. So the best way to heal them is to love them so much that they dissolve in the love & light of your true self.

This is all a process, sometimes a long one and I’m not going to lie it can be painful at times. I’ve went trough it and never looked back! I encourage you to take a journey into your inner jungle, meet the creatures living there and decide to embrace them, so the most amazing creature of them all – your soul can take a central place.

As always, I remind you that I’ve been there and done it all, so I can truly help you to heal and embrace your inner self.

with sparkling love


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