Synchronicity & Inner Guidance 101

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We’re all important and loved parts of the Universe that’s why we are never left without guidance, help and protection. You might have experienced this especially in a difficult life situation. Many people report that they were warned about danger and/or protected during life threatening situations. This guidance and protection is available to us all the time.

All we need to do is just ASK for it. Once you’ve asked know that the answers or help are on their way. It’s important to remember that guidance comes in many shapes and forms, that’s why you need to pay attention so not to miss it.
Who is the source of inner guidance? This job is covered by your guides and guardian angels, your Higher Self/Soul, the Universe itself – they all have access to the bigger picture of your life. Please note that on energy level we are all connected and essentially one. The guidance comes from the vaster You which you can call all of the above. If you are comfortable with any other names then you can use them instead of those I’m using.

You might wonder how can you access this guidance?

One of the rules of the Universe states that we can access the divine intelligence by being silent, observing our feelings and listening to our intuition. Meaning – when you’re open and when your mind is quiet and calm. Have you noticed that ideas or answers to your problems bubble up when you take a shower or bath, or feel very relaxed? Those of you who meditate know that meditation is one of the most potent states of receiving/tapping into inner guidance.

How can you distinguish inner guidance from regular thoughts?

Inner guidance is loving, gentle, supporting and non-judgemental yet it can be very firm. For example when you are being warned about an eminent danger this guidance comes in a very strong yet not frightening way. When message that comes through is critical, judgemental or harsh it’s not real inner guidance. Also your guides/angels and Higher Self/Soul would never ask you for any kind of favours. It’s always all about you; they don’t need and want anything in return.

Also the inner guidance is often quite literal and to the point. That’s why ask specific questions, so you can get more specific and direct answers.

Inner guidance comes through four main avenues:

  • Vision – in form of Image/images – it’s called clairvoyance. Majority of people see pictures, which hold responses to their questions, in their minds eye, more often with their eyes closed. It’s not always the case though and sometimes it happens that we look at something and suddenly ‘’freeze’’ or drift off for a moment and in that moment we get the necessary information. Also it can happen after we woke up from a nap.
  • Hearing – in form of auditory message – clairaudience. It involves hearing guidance coming from the outside or from inside your mind. The inner voice may or may not sound like your own one.
  • Feeling – inner sensing, called clairsentience. It is a good feeling about something or somebody; a hunch or a feeling that something is going to happen. Gut feeling/reaction is also a form of inner sensing.
  • Knowing – in form of though/thoughts – also called claircognizance. Inner knowing often is described as a download of a thought, an idea or a whole transfer of thoughts and ideas. It has a very different and more refined energy to it than your regular thoughts. It’s as if someone just planted it in your mind rather than you thinking it. It feels like it comes from beyond/above you.



Other way of receiving guidance is called synchronicity. It’s a state in which all of the universal forces align to bring you a message/information that is needed for your further growth.

Synchronicities include:

  • Written signs: you open a book or a newspaper and a sentence seems to jump on you, as if it’s highlighted and made visible for you.
  • Numbers: sequence of numbers like 444, 1212, 1111, 1010 – each of them have encoded message. You might refer to the book ‘Healing with the Angels’ by Doreen Virtue for the encoded meaning.
  • Messages you hear: somebody says something that is of great significance to you; words of a song that plays in the radio pop up and are the relevant message.
  • Dreams – your dreams are like a mine field of information coming from the vaster part of you. Pay attention to them; keep pen and paper handy to your bed to record them just when you wake up.
  • You watch a movie or a program on TV which contains an answer to your questions.
  • Pay attention to messages like texts, emails, newsletters, Facebook or Twitter posts – a simple quote or a shared thought can trigger something within you that is of greater importance and value.
  • Nature – has a whole array of signals and messages like clouds formations, certain flowers or trees, birds, feathers floating nearby, butterflies, etc.  – they have their symbolic meaning. If you keep seeing butterflies (or images of butterflies) this might be a sign of transformation happening within you, as that’s what butterflies symbolize.
  • Personal belongings – it’s believed that our personal belongings like computers, mobile phones, cars, etc. are the  extensions of us, therefore they become affected energetically by our vibrations. If any of your equipment is not working or breaks down, check within yourself what’s happening with your own energy. Your inner self is sending you a mmessage this way.

This list can go on and on. There are simply myriads of ways of the Universe whispering to us, probably as many as stars in the sky.


1. Ask.

2. Stay open and have faith – know that the answer is coming.

3. TRUST  that what you are getting is ineed guidance.

4. Honour the guidance and act upon it.

Like with everything that is new it takes some time, patience and practice on your behalf before you can call yourself a pro. The key component is to believe that the Universe looks after you and is indeed sending you messages. Once they come through it’s important to trust that they are valid and relevant. That’s why the most effective way is to receive guidance in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

Please let me know how you’re getting on. I look forward to your questions and comments.

With love & warm embrace,