Sunday & sudden realizations

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sunday realization

It has really hit me today that I won’t read all of he books mankind has ever written, I won’t watch all of the movies, listen to all of the music, meet all of the people… I won’t even see all of the Louvre’s art collection, simply because it’s physically impossible. Downloading a huge chunks of knowledge, Matrix style, is not yet available to us. Maybe that’s good for now anyway. We already live most of the time  in the head space, so to add on to that wouldn’t be a healthy thing to do…

Although it’s a bit sad to realise all of that, one thing I believe in is very reassuring to me. It’s that I have had and I will keep connecting with the people that I’m meant to meet, I’ve read and will read the books that have the most significance to my life and growth, I’ve seen and will  see films, paintings and other significant images that have/ will touch me within. I have and will listen to the music that will keep nurturing my soul. In short: what’s for me, will not pass me by. I know it also means challenges and not-so-fun-times are part of the package, yet it’s all there for a reason – for my continuous growth and expansion, which my soul has planned and keeps orchestrating for eons at this stage. Although nothing is set in stone, and I can change and shape my reality, essentially whatever and whoever I come across, is there for my highest good. This takes off huge pressure of doing it right. Phew… Sigh sigh sigh…. You too can relax and rest in the knowing that in the unknown, which the future holds, all is going to be as it’s meant to be, regardless of the outer appearances. All is and is going to be just well, at least from the soul’s point of view.  All that is left for us is trust the higher will and the force that carries us trough life.




Photo credit: h.koppdelaney