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It’s interesting that when you ask people what do they want in life the bottom answer is: I want to be happy. What does it mean to be happy? I will give you some time to come up with your own answer… Ok, ready?

Imagine a state of being in which you are consciously connected with your inner self/God/the Universe and live from it. This connection is pure joy and its effect is happiness.

There are two sources of happiness. It’s either internal (for no reason – described above) or external one (for a reason). Only the first one is true and lasting happiness. When you are happy for a reason, let’s say because of your wealth, when it’s taken away from you, you become unhappy. In other words when happiness is based on external reason and when such is removed you cannot experience happiness. It’s as simple as that.

In one way it seems ’’easier’’ to be happy for a reason, because every day you can find a new source of happiness but on the other hand it’s harder too, as you have no or very little control over your external source of happiness. Here’s a little story to illustrate what I mean…

It’s a story about a man who cherished two things in his life: his son and his donkey. One day his donkey ran away and the man was very sad. Next day the donkey returned with a beautiful stallion and the men was happy again. Then his son broke a leg when he fell of the stallion. Again the man was upset and unhappy. Short time later the king declared war with neighbouring country and all men were forced to join the army, but because his son had broken leg he was left at home. His father was in tears of joy as his son was spared from certain death… and the story goes on and on… you can clearly see that the man had no control over what’s happening with his son and donkey and he was constantly experiencing emotional highs and lows. That’s not what true happiness is about…

Now if you look at internal source of happiness – the one for no reason- fair enough it’s more challenging to get to such state, yet once you are there there’s nothing or no one can take it away from you. That’s why it’s such a true, strong, pure and powerful experience.

Here’s the secret – 3 steps to experiencing this true happiness:

1. Reconnect with inner self

2. Know who you are

3. Draw from real self

Conditioning and contracted awareness keeps us from treasure hidden within us. One of the keys to it is meditation. Trough meditation you reconnect with inner self, then you start to remember (yes, that’s right!) who you really are and finally once you’re ready you start living from the inner self. That’s what some describe as reaching your ultimate potential other call it enlightenment, I call it living as an embodiment of your higher (inner) self.

You have a choice whether to stay in that inner state of connection, which is pure joy and results in happiness, or not, so it’s only up to you! In conclusion you are the source (yep, who are you connecting with other then your true self? God? It’s just other name for you…) and reason of your own happiness or lack of it. Sorry, no more being a victim and a puppet in the hands of God/faith or whatever else you want to call it. You and only you are responsible for your thoughts, words, emotions, inner states (i.e. happiness) and actions… life in general and how it turns out!

As always the choice is yours… choose wisely, confidently and joyously! Go for true happiness!

Love & blessings


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