On the wings of Angels

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One of the ways to experience your life on a deeper level is to invite Angels into it.

Who are they? They’re beings of pure light considered to be loving thoughts of God (The Infinite, Creator, Grace, The Life Force…). My personal favourite ‘description’ of Angels is from the story of God who loves people so much that He/She/It created thoughts of love and light and gave them wings so that we humans can walk on those wings for our comfort and protection.

There’s countless number of Angels and it’s believed they are divided into three spheres and within each one there is a certain hierarchy, kind of like in the army or in a medieval kingdom.

I would like to focus on Angels from third sphere who are God’s messengers and are the closest to all living beings and are the most concerned with our affairs: Archangels and Guardian Angels.


Archangels are like angelic Special Forces. They are generals among Angels. They are extremely powerful. You can call them just be saying their name and holding intention that they appear in front of you. Don’t worry that they won’t be able to help someone else while being with you. Archangels can be in many places simultaneously. Four main Archangels are:

Archangel Michael – The Ultimate Protector

His name means ‘He who is like God’. His aura is royal blue with tinges of royal purple. His attribute is sword and stone representing him – sugalite.

You can call Archangel Michael when you want to:

  • feel safe and protected from lower energies
  • clear your home, office, car or community of toxic energies
  • clear away any fears

Archangel Raphael – The Ultimate Healer

His name is ‘Whom God Heals’. You know Raphael is with you when you see emerald green colour. Stones representing him are emerald and malachite.

You can call Raphael when you need:

  • any type of healing (physical or emotional)
  • guidance on how to keep your body healthy
  • hunches and tips on how to continue the healing process he started

Archangel Uriel – The Ultimate Guide

Known as ‘The Light of God’, surrounded with pale yellow aura. His stones are crystal and amber.

Call Archangel Uriel when you need:

  • intellectual guidance
  • inspiration
  • to recall facts or any information immediately

Archangel Gabriel – The Ultimate Carer

Meaning of her name is ‘God is my strength’. She emanates copper colour. Her attribute is trumpet and stone representing her energy is citrine and metal copper.

Call Archangel Gabriel when you:

  • want to nurture your inner child
  • need assistance with parenting desires and needs
  • need assistance during child conception, pregnancy, child birth or adoption
  • need to tap into your inner power
  • when you want to start writing – she will help you to get motivated, schedule time and at latter to find possibilities for publication of your articles/books.

Small note on Archangel Gabriel – according to Christianity it’s a male Angel yet for me it’s a beautiful female energy. This is probably due to the influence of Doreen Virtue’s teachings, angelic expert, who sees and experiences Gabriel as a female energy. There’s nothing strange in this because Angels of all kind tend to show themselves to you according to our beliefs and images we hold about them. Plus they don’t have a gender as such just energy vibrating either in more feminine or masculine way.

To feel Archangels’ presence stronger you can hold stone representing them and/or surround yourself in their aura colour.


They are Angels who are assigned to each human being and their role is to protect us and help us while we are here in human form. Often people have more than one Guardian Angel and they tend to stay with us from birth till the end of our life. We can ask for more Angels at any time – simply by holding such intention. You might for example ask additional Angels to come and help you with important project, health issues or financial matters; actually it can be anything in which you need help, guidance and assistance.

How to communicate with Guardian Angels?

First step is to hold intention to invite and get to know your Guardian Angels. You could take some time in quiet place, let go of every day thoughts and start thinking that you want to meet your Guardian Angels. You might do so during meditation. They might see them with your inner eye or you might just sense them. There are no wrights or wrongs to go about it. Once you feel/see they are with you can ask for their names. Once you make first contact and know Guardians’ names you can start communicating with them. Your Angels are with you all the time, always happy and ready to assist, help, guide and protect you. In the beginning it might feel awkward, knowing they are there all the time, but gradually you’ll get used to it and their presence will become natural.

Just talk to them in your thoughts or aloud, whichever way you prefer. Ask them for anything. If you need something as trivial as wave of green light when you are in the hurry to work, or you need car space – ask your Angels. Don’t worry, they won’t be offended. They are creatures of light and love, of no ego – you can’t offend them. If you feel unsafe ask you Guardians to wrap your wings around you, or walk in front of you and clear the path for you. There is absolutely nothing you couldn’t ask Angels to do for you. Make sure you are very specific with your request. If you want Angels to guard you purse, ask them to guide your purse with its content. Angels do exactly what you’ve asked for. However it’s not up to you HOW they do it. Let them do it their way. Let go and trust your request has already come true. Believing in Angels’ effectiveness allows things to manifest much quicker, sometimes just in front of your eyes!

One more thing – make sure to THANK them for help.

Try it and see what miracles you and your Angels can bring to your life!

Archangels and my Guardian Angels helped me many times and in many ways. I’m extremely grateful I have them in my life. Their presence brings me comfort and reassurance that there’s always someone loving and caring watching over me. This way I feel safe and secure and free of lots of worries. I can channel my energy into more pleasurable action like self-development. Thank you my dear Archangels and Guardian Angels for your light and love shining upon me and my life!

Enjoy the magnificent experience of angelic presence in your life!!!

Love & blessings


Art work by Jonathon Earl Bowser

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