Living your life purpose

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Have you ever asked yourself: Why am I here? If you are wondering what is your life purpose, I invite you to take this inquiry to the next level. It’s not enough just to know, you need to connect with your path and walk on it. I have already covered this subject before, you can read it here, yet this time I’m adding more practical aspect of it. I would like you to consciously chose and live your life purpose. This is my deepest intention for this article. I ask that whoever reads those words is touched deep within and starts to live and breathe his/her life mission. May this happen in the highest and most uplifting way.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

What is life purpose?

Life purpose is a stream of energy which you join when you create something that serves humanity or your own spiritual evolution. (Orin – Living with Joy)

The ultimate purpose of a soul who chooses to incarnate is to grow and expand. It means increasing your awareness of beauty, opening your heart, and experiencing more love & compassion.

Before the incarnation a soul decides on circumstances it’s going to reincarnate into, such as your: sex, nationality, family, future spouse and other relationships that will provide maximum potential of growth, life mission.

On soul level growth and expansion are obtained by: being love, radiating and expanding souls’ light, expressing itself through act of constant creation of its reality in human form.

How to discover life mission?

First and most important step towards discovering your life mission is to discover who you truly are. This happens by releasing all of the conditioning you have received as a child and young adult. The conditioning contains of beliefs and behavioural patterns, which you have absorbed from your parents, family, society, environment and nation. It has formed your personality (ego) and intellect (mind). You might think of this conditioning as a training which makes you a valuable member of a society and various smaller groups and help you fit into them. The conditioning obscures the true you.

By peeling off the layers of who you are not and discovering and re-connecting with who you truly are you also connect stronger with your life mission. The information about your life mission is encoded in your true self (Higher Self) so as you have stronger access to true self you also open up to guidance a stream of guidance that comes from that part of you.

There are few avenues through which your true self communicates with you. The most direct way is through your emotions. The greatest indicators of your life purpose are love and joy. When you love doing something and it brings you lots of joy it’s your clue that you are on the path of your life purpose.

When the opposite happens and you feel frustrated, stressed and angry in your current circumstances, you know you are off the course.

Note that there are multiple ways of fulfilling your life mission and there’s no right or wrong way. You are either on course (you feel joy) or off course (you feel frustration, anger, stress, etc.). There is however the highest possible version of your journey through life and of fulfilling your life purpose. You are walking upon that path once you have fully embraced who you truly are.

You have special gifts and talents that are unique only to you. They are your further clues of what your life’s mission might entail of. Ask yourself: What am I great at? What are my interests? What am I passionate about? What makes my heart sing? What special gifts have I got? If I could offer something to the humanity what would it be?

As you already know the soul is here to grow and expand and what helps your soul greatly are all the relationships you are involved into. Other people are your teachers and provide you with various circumstances which create opportunities to learn. This works both ways, so you also provide similar opportunities to others, thanks to which they can expand and grow. You are a teacher and a student at the same time. Therefore it is important for your soul to share who you truly are and to serve others. This is what makes life rich, rewarding and fulfilling – being of service to another. Remember also that on a higher level we are all one, so as you serve others you serve yourself and vice versa.

How to embrace your life purpose?

Embracing your higher purpose means believing in yourself and also trusting that the Universe is supporting you.

Imagine your higher purpose as a symbol, hold it in your hands, pour light into it, and then bring it into your heart. Ask for guidance and assistance from your Higher Self, your guides and angels. See/feel/know that the information encoded in the symbol is now floating into your heart and conscious mind. You now have an access to all you need to know regarding your life’s mission. Repeat this exercise on daily basis for as long as you feel it’s appropriate for you.

How to live your life purpose?

If you want to live in higher purpose, start with committing to it! Ask yourself: How do I spend my time? Where do my thoughts go when I’m alone?

Create a habit of holding a higher focus and spending time thinking of why you are here and what you have to offer humanity. Purpose comes from serving Higher Self, assisting others, and being willing to carry out whatever your vision is of the highest service you can offer.

Think of something you can do today or in the next few days, something specific that you would know to be part of your life mission. Affirm that you will be willing to acknowledge when you have done or created this, that you are living your life purpose.

Most of all follow the inner guidance of your true self and the trail of joy!

Photo credit: h.koppdelaney

  1. Ewa
    December 9, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Most of us forgets how to live and why are we here. As you said, it is so simple to be guided by the Universe. Just open your heart and follow the voice/sign….There is enough love and energy for everyone. Everyone who wants it!
    Thank you for reminding me this Magdalena.

  2. Little Feather
    Little Feather
    December 22, 2011 at 4:50 am

    Great info! Releasing conditioning is the biggest challenge for me. How else do I define myself without learned responses? I’m doing this now and it’s so cool because the person I truly am is not necessarily different, but far removed from the projected me in society. Loved your post and thanks again!

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