It’s all so simple!

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Long-time no post, I know I know. I have been going through a major shift and felt the need to stay quiet for a while.

All I can say is that going further and further on my path of spiritual development is easier and simpler and more fun than I ever expected it to be! So for all of you out there who think that spiritual growth is a challenge, that it is hard and difficult I have a great news – it’s getting better people! Just continue going further! Here are few insights that really changed my attitude towards life and made it easier. The more I live the more I come to the conclusion (despite of what people around might say) that life is meant to be easy and simple and fun! We are here to enjoy ourselves, so here are few eye openers – I hope they’ll do the same trick as they did for me. Enjoy!

1. The pit/well is as deep as you want it to be –  meaning that it’s up to you how long you want to feel bad/depressed/suffer, etc. The first time I heard that a huge revelation I thought:  ‘Wow! My negative state is in my hands. If I can make a decision to either go further into negativity or chose to come out of it!’  Since then every time I go through some rough patch I make a conscious decision whether to feel bad or simply shift my awareness and start feeling better.

2. You have ‘’switches’’ to control you mood, just like on a music console – you can bring them up when feeling under the weather and shift you mood to more happy and joyous one. It’s as simple as that! Joy switch up, gratitude switch up, clarity switch up! I already feel better 🙂

3. If you don’t know something (it can be anything), just pretend that you do know it. First of all not-knowing is a doorway to knowing. Second of all your subconscious mind does NOT distinguish the difference between reality and imagination, so when you pretend that you know the answer or solution, your mind opens up and starts operating in more resourceful way to really give you the answer or knowledge you’re seeking. Magic!

4. If you find yourself in a situation that you want to get something from somebody think of the time when you gave the very same thing to either that person or somebody else. If for example you want your partner to appreciate you more, remember the situations in which you expressed your appreciation to him/her or someone else. Then immerse yourself into your own life (which means take your energy from this persons’ face). The reason being that the more you push energetically toward them (thinking I want him/her to appreciate me more) the more your loved one pulls away from you.

5. In order to feel balanced and find yourself in a state of flow you need four components. They are: LOVE, GRATITUDE, SURRENDER and TRUST. If you find yourself struggling throughout the day, just stop for a moment and asses which component (or components) you’re missing. Then breathe in this quality letting it suffuse your entire body and being and bring you back to the state of flow.

6. You can tune into the universal energy and draw ANYTHING to you that you might need at any moment. Simply sit still and go within and imagine yourself plugging into f.e. energy of abundance and see/feel/experience yourself drawing that quality into you and let it go through you and surround you. You can say to yourself some positive affirmations like: ‘All the abundance is here for me’ or ‘I live in total abundance’. You can use it to magnetise to you absolutely anything!

These are few among many statements that changed my way of thinking. On every stage of your growth you find different ones that are speaking to you. If those I have listed don’t make sense to you now, just give yourself some time. It’s like with growing up, you need to reach certain stage to be able to ride a bike on two wheels only, until then you need your four wheels. If on the other hand those statements do make sense to you, congratulate yourself as you have come far on your spiritual path.

The good news is, no matter what stage you’re at the moment, it’s getting simpler, easier and better! Enjoy then, because you can and because it’s what you are here for!

With love & blessings



 Photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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