Inner embrace

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Have you already met your inner self? Have you got the change to explore your inner life?

If yes, you might be curious of how connected & aligned with your Higher Self you already are… Here are few characteristics of people who live in such alignment:

1. They are warm, open, compassionate & loving.

2. They think & speak in positive way.

3. They follow their inner guidance.

4. They do what they love & they love what they do.

5. Their work serves others.

6. The live healthily & wholesomely – take great care of their bodies; eat organic food, are eco-friendly; chose things they buy consciously.

7. They have some sort of spiritual practice.

8. They use alternative medicine & healing.

9. They spend money on experiences rather than stuff.

10. They use intuition in raising their kids.

11. They cherish life.

12. They are grateful for what they’ve got.

13. They notice wonders of life & they express it.

14. They empower themselves & others.

15. They are aware & conscious.

16. Live the truth of whom they are.

17. They are spontaneous & filled with joy.

Are you there yet? If not, know that life sends you opportunities to get connected every day! If you’d like to explore this subject a bit more maybe somebody who is experienced in inner world could help you? Let me know if I could be of any assistance to you. I’d be honoured.

Ocean of love & light




Photo credit: neonarcade

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