How to play the game of life?

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If we describe life as a game, and as we know all of the games have rules, it’s the case with life too. By life I mean the whole existence, the Universe, all that is. Majority of us know by now the rules of human life and our success depends on how skilful we are with those rules, how well we can apply them and if we apply them at all. Yes, we always have a choice whether we play by the rules or not! This is the golden nugget! Choice, choice & choice once again!

It’s been always my intention to shift perspective in the articles I’m writing, so this one will be no exception. Let’s imagine we’re boarding a space ship and that we are launched into the vast space of cosmos in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and we are flying high… trough all the layers of the atmosphere, beyond the safe confines of Mother Earth, into the loving embrace of the cosmos. Aaaa… Lovely! Now let’s look back at the Earth- it’s only a small dot at this stage. Let’s imagine we are no longer moving further in space but instead we go deeper within it. Right in to the heart of the Universe, into it’s vast and loving core. Now let’s allow the Universe to reveal to us it’s secrets and it’s rules, so we can shift our awareness and experience to totally new dimension.

Principles of the Universe:

· The basic component of the universe is energy, which may be in physical or non-physical form, and which is in harmonious balance. (Choice point: alignment with the harmony of the universe or resistance to the flow)

· The infinite intelligence, which we may call God, exists in all energy, and is an expression of unconditional love. (Choice point: believing that Divinity is loving so you experience everything in your life positively or believe It’s punitive and judgemental, which will be reflected in your life)

· We are all united in this ever loving energy, and therefore what we do to one we do to all.

· We are perfect and we are in this moment, and as long as we remain connected to the Source we are able to see all as perfect. (When we disconnect we become disconnected and we fail to see the beauty in ourselves and everything around us)

· We create our own circumstances by what we think, speak, feel and act and we have free will to create our lives in any way we wish. (What a responsibility! No one to blame but ourselves for the mess we get into!)

· We can access the divine intelligence by being silent, observing our feelings and listening to our intuition. (How often do you take time to do so?)

· Everything around us is a reflection of ourselves and we attract into our lives people and situations that will help us grow by mirroring what we need to see in ourselves. (Do you like what you have attracted?)

· Everything is in divine order and is neither good nor bad but simply something more to help us learn. Thus everything is perfect in its own way. (No point in worrying! Worry is an insult to God.)

· Our relationship with others reflects our relationship with ourselves. (Are you having troubles in your relationships – if so look within?)

· Just as everything is perfect it also has meaning and purpose. When we find our true purpose we feel inspired, energetic and at one with the whole universe. (Are you in or out of line with your purpose?)

· When we are in alignment with the universe and allowing ourselves to follow the natural flow of energy, we feel free, aware, light and flowing with love. (Are you as light and flowing with love as you could be?)

· It is our natural state to live in an abundance of energy, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Therefore prosperity in all its forms – in love, work, finance, health and joy – is ours by right. Where there is a block to abundance there is a block in the flow of energy. (What is blocking your flow?)

· Living in a state of gratitude and charity makes way for a permanent flow of energy which may be manifest in any or all its forms. (Are you grateful for what you have? Do you express it?)

· We are constantly and simultaneously teaching and learning, giving and receiving. The more we become aware of this, the more likely we are to remain in a state of gratitude and abundance. (Are you grateful for all the teaching you get?)

· Any attempt to control by attachment will block our flow of energy and that healthy detachment actually bonds others to us in love. (Are you able to allow those who you love to have freedom to be who they are, even if that means you might lose them? Is it beneficial for you or your loved ones to be bound by control?)

· That upon we focus expands, and therefore ideally we need to focus on love, peace, joy, and the finer aspects of all those with whom we come in contact.

· Doing what we love helps us express who we really are to the world and in doing so helps raise the vibration of the planet. (There’s that responsibility again – that I can change the whole world doing what I love and radiating happiness and love because of it. The reverse is also true.)

· The universe will handle the minutiae of our lives if we stay in the moment and simply be who we are. (We can’t change the past and the future will never arrive. We only have this moment.)

· We will find around us what we ourselves express – smiles beget smiles, laughter begets laughter, love begets love, peace begets peace. (Similarly criticism begets criticism, envy begets envy, and anger begets anger. You’re going to reap just what you saw)

The cosmic laws state:

· That the soul needs to function as a part of the one unified consciousness and for the benefit of all.

· That we need to embrace experience in order that we will have evolutionary advancement. (Whatever we avoid experience or the consequences of our behaviour, we break this law and setup new obligations for the next life time.)

· That we should never destroy the body. (Suicide and self-harm breach this law and set up karmic obligations.)

The three codicils:

· That self-sacrifice for sake of another is a sign of approaching enlightenment since the soul recognizes that all others are a part of itself. (This is nothing to do with acting as a martyr in a relationship!)

· That acceptance is the seed of humility, the most precious of all virtues, and leads to bliss.

· That it is love that leads us back to union with the Divine. (This gives us a choice at every moment, in every transaction, with every person. It also encourages us to look for the spark of the Divine in everyone and to love it.)

From ‘Soul Journey’ by Dr Brenda Davies

It’s time to fully come back in our space ship to the Earth. Feel yourself gently landing in your body and in the present moment. Take a few deep breaths in & stretch. Welcome back!

Now how about that for the rules of life! Again it’s totally up to you if you believe in this and if you chose to live by those principles. We all have free will and we can chose whatever suits us!
Those principles are my set of rules by choice and for many years a close one kept telling me that I was whispering reality be believing in the above. Well, I know better what I’m doing. To chose playing by those rules is to chose empowerment, awareness, responsibility for what is, love, compassion, surrender, gratitude, trust, joy, inner peace, fulfilment… the list goes on.

I’d like to encourage you to read those principles again and again for the next few days. See which ones resonate with you the most. Simply become present to them and allow them to move within you and work their magic! If you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll be deeply honoured to assist you, as always. Thank you. Namaste.




Photo Credit: thebadastronomer