Getting back on track

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As you travel your path sometimes you get stuck, confused and don’t really know where you’re going. This can happen for many reasons (f.e. wanting something too much or pushing and struggling rather than just relaxing and allowing things to happen), what it creates is a sense of being overwhelmed, stressed out and frustrated. Those are all signs of being out of alignment with your higher self, who basically acts like your internal GPS. If you’re not properly connected, the transition gets unclear and you find yourself not knowing where to go next or what to do next. So what can we do to find the way out of this situation and get back on track?


First of all relax, breathe deeply and just stop. Connect with the present moment. Feel how it feels to be where you are right now, without any judgement. It is what it is.

Then, check if you need to clear your closet. What I mean by this is find out if you’ve been stopped because there are some beliefs or patterns that are not serving you and you need to release them, unburden yourself before you can go any further. If that’s the case, allow all of them come to the surface. Instead of jumping straight away and clearing them or going to someone for healing, just wait. Allow all of the stuff to come up (unless it’s right in your face…). What happens is when you wait and give it permission to come up, you might access much deeper layers of beliefs, patterns, etc. rather than just the surface one. That’s what you want – the deep stuff. Once it’s out it’s out forever!


What this approach also does is it help you to access higher perspective on what’s really and truly going on in your life right now. When you’re standing in the middle of the fog you can’t see anything, hence you lost your path, and if you wait for the fog to lift, then you know where you are. Once you know the higher perspective of your circumstances you know what lesson you need to learn. Imagine this is all your prep work (your research) before you take action.


Once you have gained higher perspective and allowed stuff to fully came up to the surface you than tap into your intuition and check for the guidance that’s coming. At this stage your inner self would come up with few ideas how to handle the current circumstances. Maybe you need to finally go to that workshop you’ve been thinking of hundred times, or read this book that was recommended to you or simply call another person who might be of assistance. Once you have those ideas and check how they feel to you (meaning: do they feel right or not to follow through).

Slowly you start implementing the guidance, and as the burden is shifting you find yourself moving again! You keep on listening to your heart, making conscious connection and you keep on getting inner guidance. I recommend meditation, mindfulness, journaling and reflection. All of the above would help you to connect with your inner wisdom and shed more light onto your current state. Those techniques also help you develop self-awareness which is one of the most important skills on your life path! The more aware you are the easier it gets to go through any challenge life might throw at you.


All of the above would get you to the next stage in which guidance starts flowing more easily, you’re nearly back in alignment with your higher self. You keep your eye on any synchronicities and all signs coming your way (f.e. you meet someone and this person tells you very relevant piece of information which appears to be coming out of blue, as you never asked this person for it – this is your synchronicity!). You then carefully follow the signs


The final stage is following the trail of inner joy. Let me explain. Joy is one of the five top emotions, meaning when you feel joy your vibrations are super high. Whenever you feel joy it indicates that you’re on the right path and things are just happening for you. Have you ever played and had fun and struggled at the same time? No! See, because when you enjoy (are in joy) things just flow… So how to connect with inner joy? You make a list of things that bring you joy and you start doing them… simple. What happens is the flow opens up even more and before you even realise you’re fully back on track and sailing with a speed you never experienced before! Weeee!

All struggling, making things to happen, trying too hard, pleasing others and trying figuring things out (or name your own strategy to ‘’help out’’ life) are doing the opposite of what you’re expecting! They simply create a contraction of the energy flow so you’re not really moving, you’re stuck. In order to move again you need to relax, and open to the flow again. Until next contraction, blockage, etc…

Just to sum it up, here are the steps:

1. Relax – come back to the present moment,

2. Allow all of stuff to come up to the surface,

3. View your life from higher perspective,

4. Clear your closet – release the burden,

5. Listen to your heart & follow the guidance,

6. Pay attention to synchronicities & other signs,

7. Build the muscle of awareness: meditate, write a journal,etc.,

8. Follow the trail of joy.

It’s just a guideline, not something to stick to religiously! Steps 1-4 normally happen in sequence and then steps 5-8 are more simultaneous! Just play with it.


The very situation of not knowing where I was has happened to me recently … all of my methods to ‘’improve’’ life and ‘’help’’ it have blown up into my face and I found myself super stuck. I knew my old way of dealing with this kind of situation won’t help… so I waited and allowed things to happen… it was painful, because it was new and unknown. I did it and because of it and I can share my experience with you. 😉 Even though I’m not moving with the full speed yet I have learned so much and grew leaps and bounds. Don’t rush anything, allow it to happen in it’s own time. In the meantime be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself. As one of my favourite songs says: It’s okay to say you’ve got a weak spot/You don’t always have to be on top/Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you’re not./You’re vulnerable, you’re vulnerable/You are not a robot. (Miarina & the diamonds; I’m not a robot)

Sometimes the knowledge that I have is a burden too. I think: I should know better or I should be already there (looking up and pointing to the heights of human capacity) but I’m not. It’s very easy then to get caught up in self-doubt and criticism and start making life to happen your way – because you know better.

It’s ok to get stuck, to lose your way, to get out of alignment and even to fall apart. It happens to all of us, even to those on top. We’re beings of light, that’s true and we’re humans too and it’s human nature to wander and be lost and make mistakes (which so often turn out to be blessings in disguise). We are in it together and I we can help each other out.