Discovering your life purpose

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 This is one of the most important questions one can ask: Why am I here? What’s the reason for me living right here right now? This huge inquiry is connected with another big one: Who am I?

From my own experience – it’s actually easier to find out why we are here when we know who we are. Yet, you can find out who you are while searching for your life’s purpose too. Those questions are just so intertwined that it’s impossible to treat them separately. Other thing is: it’s possible to find answers to those questions yet it might take you some time to become really clear on the answers… it’s a process of self-discovery, not a five minutes quiz. It takes time and energy and yes, effort too. Is it worth it? Absolutely!!! Knowing (and by knowing I also mean experiencing) who you truly are and what’s your life’s purpose gives you totally new perspective and joy and sense of purpose. It’s better than winning the lotto! Imagine how your life would be if you knew and experience who you really are, what you’re here to be/do/have and everyone around you would know and experience it too! Wouldn’t be amazing and wouldn’t life be just so much easier and effortless? Well, I know it would and for many people it already is! Do you want to join us?

Who am I?

Start by peeling off labels, which have been attached to you by your society. Fist one is I’m a human, then I’m… a female/male, mother/father, daughter/son, wife/husband, lawyer/plumber (or any other occupation), blonde/dark haired, short/tall, etc. You get the concept… just keep peeling it off… so what’s left? I came to: I’m a spiritual being, being of light, yet I kept peeling back… I’m love, joy, I’m presence of God/Goddess… I’m everything and nothing… Wow!!! Every time I do this exercise, I feel liberated, just free and boundless. How was it for you? Please share with me!

Once you know who you are, the next step is to grow and strengthen the connection with inner self (soul). The easiest way is trough meditation, journaling comes handy as well (or any form of self-reflection).

The next step is to start peeling off layers of beliefs and behavioural patterns you’ve been programmed with by your family and society, peeling trough the layers of emotional baggage, stripping off scaffolding of ego. Thanks to that there’ll be less and less of you created by others and more of YOU – the REAL YOU. On this path of self-healing and self-discovery your life’s purpose will become more and clearer to you.

Why am I here?

Think about each of your life’s aspects and ask yourself: ‘Am I doing this for me, for my highest good, or am I doing it to please others, to live up to their image of me? Am I accomplishing this purpose so that I may receive a pat on the back, or recognition? Or am I doing it because it is something I want to do, that fits who I am, and that brings me joy?’ (From Soul love by S. Roman & Orin)

When you find that very thing that makes you want to jump from joy when you do it, makes your heart sing with excitement, you know you hit the jack pot! When you do something you came here to do all of the universal forces work with you and it’s as if all of the pieces of the puzzle called your life start to fit perfectly.

How to get to this point of self-discovery? I can tell you how I did it and how I help others to do that: I became so committed to myself and to the journey of self-development, that it became my passion, my hobby and my whole life. I worked and worked (I still am) and peeled off as many layers as I was aware of, until I got clear enough, then my life’s purpose became very clear to me. It’s been fun and easy experience, with few exceptions where I just was fighting with the process. Other than that it was a great joy and it still is.

You can totally find out what treasure lies within you, you can connect with it and live from it and know your life’s mission and it all can be easy and enjoyable. The most important question is do you have a courage to do this? If yes, are you ready to start? I hope you do and you’re going to join many people on that path, because when you do, you change not only your own life but the whole of life as well. Remember one thing – you are not alone on your quest! We’re in this together, so if you need and want help – just let me know. I’m there for you – that’s why I’m here for and I’m happy to serve you.

With all my love


Ps. Picture is taken by me on Dollymount beach 😉

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