Body support in the ascension process

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When you are on a spiritual path of growth and change (called the ascension process) you raise vibrations of your entire being – that includes your body. I have noticed that many people are so busy with healing and clearing that they often forget to support their bodies. This is a very common mistake and it can be very painful one. You might wonder what the big deal is.

Well… your body is a vessel for your essence – you have only this one for this life time, so it is super important to take care of it! When you grow and change and get healings (or any other type of work done) the old energy is moving out and the new one needs to settle in. You’re bringing new data and light from the quantum space and lodge/transfer it into your field… sort of like you delete old files from your computer and  then download new ones… it’s only a bit more complex when it comes to your being. So the stronger your body is the easier the exchange of energy happens and also you can bring more of it (the energy, light, consciousness, etc.) on one go! It also shows how much you love yourself when you take good care of your body. Self-love has layers to it and involves loving your body, personality, your inner child and each and every part of the complex system called you. So you might think you have mastered that one, just think again and check if you really did! Do you really and truly take exceptional care of yourself on all levels of your existence? Honestly I don’t know anyone who can answer that question totally positively. We all still have some aspects to embrace when it comes to this matter.

Here’s how you can help yourself by taking care of your body:

1. Change beliefs about your body – if you have a great difficulty with accepting it, find out what are your parents’ and other close people’s beliefs about physicality. We often take them on board subconsciously and let those beliefs run our lives. When you found out what they are simply change them!

2. Exercise – if you don’t like going to the gym find any other activity that brings you joy. It can be walking, yoga, dancing or swimming. Do something which appeals to you, not because it’s trendy or helps you burn the most of calories.  There’s no need to go wild with exercising – gentle exercise is also very powerful and helps to remove stagnant energy. The key to success is to find activity that you love doing and then practice on regular basis! It is super important to move because it affects you on many levels. As mentioned above it moves old energy away, it calms your mind and emotions and helps you to release negative ones like anger, plus it keeps your body fit and healthy. There are plenty of benefits to it, just give it a go!

3. Eat healthy food – everything within and without us has its own unique vibration of various frequencies. Some of them are lower and some of them are higher. So the healthy food is the one that has high vibrations to it, it’s also called a living food. This would be all kinds of raw vegetables and fruit, especially organic ones.  If you like eating meat and fish just chose form organic range as well. There’s a huge difference to organic and non-organic food in general, even the taste is different. Let go of unhealthy snacks and junk food – it only intoxicates your body and slows down your metabolism. Lots of people on the path of self-growth naturally reach a state when they change their diet to more wholesome one. They might also develop food allergies or intolerances to various types of food, f.e. sugar, alcohol, dairy products, wheat, etc. If you find yourself reacting funny to some product or feel like you don’t want to eat/drink it, then listen to your inner guidance.  Food is like a fuel to us. The better the fuel you use in your car the higher its’ performance. It’s the same with your body. Just listen to your inner guidance and choose food that will help your body to run at its best.

Include vitamins and minerals in your diet – your body needs them to function properly. Many foods nowadays are deprived from lots of their nutrition value so it’s worthwhile to use diet supplements.

–  Where and how you eat is also important – also make sure you shop for food in advance so you have all ingredients which you need. Eat slowly in a nice atmosphere (this actually supports your digestion). When you’re out and about and there’s no shop with food you can and like eating – bring your own food, or at least some snack. Show yourself some love and appreciation by eating regularly, this will help you to maintain sugar in your blood on even level throughout the day. When you run too low on fuel you can be lightheaded, irritated and not able to focus. This slows you down and affects your mood, performance, etc.

Bless you food and drink before having them. You can also surround it with a white light to increase food’s vibrations.

4. Drink plenty of water – it’s the best way to flush all toxins and impurities from your body.  We’re also predominantly made of water so top up yourself with this life giving fluid. After you get healings of any sort, drink even more water than usual. Daily guidance is approximately 2 litres per day, this includes herbal teas. Remember that black tea, coffee and drinks with lots of sugar in it dehydrate you, so make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards.

5. Detox on regular basis – engage in periodical detoxification of your body. It does to your body what a spring cleaning does to your house – it makes you feel cleaner and more energised from within. There are lots of ways to do it, find the way that suits you the most.

6. Hamper and pamper your body – sea salt baths, massages, visits to beautician and hairdresser plus any other form of nurturing your body will make a huge difference to the way you feel. You deserve it as well as some quiet time for yourself those activities generate.

7. Commune with nature as much as possible. This will increase your vibrations as nature clears you and refreshes your energy. Have you noticed that when you have lots going on and you go for a walk it somehow calms you down and clears your head? That’s what nature does to us. It provides a sweep clean to all negativity. Exercising and spending time with your dog outdoors enhances the results.

8. Relax – your body needs relaxation. Find even five minutes a day, lie down and listen to some peaceful music visualising each and every part of your body relaxing. You can start from your toes and move upwards. Breathe deep and long, be aware of your breath. Only five minutes a day of this practice will do wonders for your body!

9. Think positive, supporting and loving thoughts about yourself and others. Your thoughts are pure energy, not only they affect your emotions but also if negative they create energetic smog in you and around you. This leaves a huge imprint in your aura and your body. So go green and think positive to promote better health!

10. Ask for help – even if you are ‘I can do it better’ type of person you sometimes reach a state where you can’t do it anymore. It’s wise to ask for help and it actually is an expression of strength not a weakness. People who love and are kind to themselves always ask for help. Overburdening yourself leaves marks on your physical and emotional health!

Pay attention to your body – it’s the only one you have for now! Tune into it on daily basis and listen to its guidance. Pains, aches, discomfort and negative emotions are body’s way of communicating with you. Be loving and supporting to your body and it will pay back to you greatly with an amazing health and vibrancy. It’s a huge gift so take care of it while you can!

Love & blessings



Photo credit: h.koppdelaney

  1. Barbara Nelson
    Barbara Nelson
    August 24, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Hi: Thanks for the blog…I have developed a gluten allergy and probably others. Had break outs all over my body. I just knew the ascension process was part of the story. I am now on a gluten free diet after two months of trying to figure out what was making me have a intense itchy rash all over. Thanks again for writing about it.

  2. spiritualteacher
    August 24, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Hi Barbara.
    Yes, food allergies…
    I’m not suprised to hear about wheat as it has low vibrations as it’s been ‘slave food’ for a long time and now it’s modified a lot therefore not too healthy option.

    I’ve been trough allergies as well (gluten,sugar and diary mainly). I had them for around a year and then they cleared. Now I can eat normal food yet I choose to continue my diet with tiny exceptions 🙂
    Allergies appear when it’s time in our ascenssion process to go for higher vibration food. The body gives us clues by developing intolerances to certain types of food so we pay attention to this message. It’s great that you honored the message and changed your diet! It’s another way of showing you love and care about yourself. So well done!

    All the best with the new diet and new level of ascenssion process.

    Love & light

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