Before You Became Physical

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Before you were physical you were this magnificent soul, a huge and powerful vortex of energy which was residing in higher dimensions and creating its reality at its will with a tremendous speed.

You have then decided to come forth and have a ride at this physical adventure that 3D life on Earth provides.

You are still that soul, the difference is you don’t remember that (that was the part of the plan) and you have a body and live in a very compelling material reality that occupies your whole attention.

Why then if there’s so much to explore here on Earth, more so much to enjoy, would you care to open up to the realisation that you are more than your body and mind?

Life is complicated as it is so why bother to make it even more complicated.

Here’s the thing: when you know who you truly are (soul who has a body) and when you are aware of how really life is and how it works it becomes much easier to live it! The whole experience becomes just simpler and more enjoyable. Awareness is the key that opens many doors and unlocks much deeper dimension to life.

It’s like with drinking coffee. If you really love coffee (I do!) you don’t buy just any coffee, right? You have your favourite one, carefully selected, preferably organic and fair trade brand and you like it in a certain way – in special cup with some sugar and milk and it must be really HOT. You know stuff about coffee and because of that you can enjoy, dare I say celebrate it even!

Same with knowing who you truly are and how you create your reality and how life in generally works. Once you have answers to those questions you can create magic.

What sort of magic you might wonder… that sort of in which you feel very good about yourself, you love yourself actually and because of that your relationships with others are flourishing. Yes, you got that right – the rule is that your relationships with others are only as good as your relationship with yourself!

Ok, that nice you think, what else magical I can create? You can have what you want in much quicker and effortless way, because you know how to manifest things and cooperate with the Universe.

Nice one!

What else? You feel safer and at ease because you know that the Universe is supporting you, looking after you and is a win-win place for all. Not your experience at all?

In that case you have some awareness to expand!

Life is magic. Life is a huge gift. Life is joyful and easy. You just need to be aware enough to make it your experience.

How can you start?

Grow your awareness. Read more about spirituality, self-development, manifesting, etc. Mediate, journal, talk to people who are already aware.

Feel – just feel joy, feel love, feel gratitude, feel peace, feel all those delicious emotions which will match the vibes of the real and vaster you – your soul. Feel yourself into bliss and well-being!

Yep, it’s that simple and easy.

All that is takes is commitment and you’re on your way to expanding your awareness and creating magic.

After all isn’t it why you came here (on Earth) for? Uhmm, your own idea as a soul was just that!

Let me know in case you have questions and need some help.

Ps. In the thumbnail there’s a fab art work by my wonderful friend Khaaymar Marie. Enjoy!

With love & warm embrace,