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Awareness is empowering. ~ Rita Wilson

Awareness is state in which we are connected to our inner self and we are present to what’s happening inside and outside of us. It is a key to any change, as we can only heal/let go of things we are aware of. It also helps us change our perception on what is currently going on within ourselves and our lives.

Awareness is a first step to mostly anything! It’s a foundation you built upon. It’s a silver lining to spiritual/personal development. It’s a very crucial component of life itself.

You can change something only providing that you are aware it needs to be changed. You then take action because you are aware of what you need to do.

You can truly change on condition that you are aware of your fears and any other obstacles which are stopping you. Furthermore you become so aware that you start seeing everything from a higher perspective, including yourself. You become aware that you are that awareness, that observer that is experiencing anything. Awareness becomes not only the key but also a portal that takes you beyond material reality. To be aware is to be empowered and free. Awareness takes you beyond all and right into the space where your real self dwells.

Ask yourself:


Who is reading now? Who is aware that you are reading now? Who is the observer? You see you became aware not only of the fact that you are reading now, but also you got to observe yourself reading. You are the observer and you experience things and simultaneously observe them happening to you.

Awareness is pure magic as it helps you to disconnect with the false appearance and connect with the truth. Awareness catapults you from ground level to top floor of understanding and seeing what is. A word of warning though: once you become aware it comes with a price – it is responsibility. You become aware that you are the creator of your reality, in other words you are responsible for what you create.

When you start to see yourself, others and situations as they really are you can’t play the blame game and you can’t be the victim anymore. Awareness and those two patterns don’t go hand in hand. Awareness helps you realize that you are powerful creator of your reality and whatever is, is simply created by you for you to experience.

How to become more aware? Think of awareness as an inner muscle. You need to practice it to develop it. How can you do that?

  1. Meditate – when you meditate you quiet your mind and get to experience your inner self. By that experience you become more aware of whom you are.
  2. Practice mindfulness – helps you to become more present and focused on the now, so it really is a great tool to sharpen your awareness.
  3. Write a journal – it’s a great form of reflecting on the events of the day and/or on us – it’s a wonderful tool of exercising awareness.
  4. Listen – to others but most importantly to yourself. Tune into your body and feel how it feels. Listen to your heart and your inner voice. Just listen.
  5. Pay attention to synchronicity – all of the things that are choreographed so exquisitely by the Universe to guide you on your path – start looking out for them.

I encourage you to cultivate awareness. It is a wonderful means of transport into your unlimited potential and greatness and empowered life.

With love & warm embrace,

Image source: Pinterest