A call to an empowered life – Part 1 Story of stuff

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Empowered life?

This is a new cycle of blog posts ‘A call to empowered life’. I’m going to post a video together with my thoughts and comments on it which hopefully will inspire & help you to live more empowered life. What do I mean by empowered life? It’s an inner state of awareness and full connection with the power that goes trough you & me (yes, we are very powerful beings). Note: this power is not mine or yours, it just is, it happens to flows trough us and it comes from Source. Back to empowered life… It’s also a state in which we take responsibility for our life and for what is, i.e. no more nonsense of being a victim and not being able to do and or change anything. I hope you get the picture. Empowered person is switched on from within, connected to the inner self and he/she executes the will of Higher Self no matter what. I know, I know, the ask is quite big… but it’s 2011 dear ones! It’s about time we get into the speed with all the changes and shifts that have been happening on our beautiful planet for a long while now. Here’s the tip: If you still don’t feel like a powerful person start by acting as if you’re already one! Just imagine how empowered person looks like, how she/he talks, behaves, etc. and fake it till you make it! Also ask for help!!! There are many people who have been on that journey before you and can offer you great help and support! yes, I’m one of those people yet not the only one! Just look around and get help – you’re not alone in this experience!

Let me cut your next excuse short: feel the fear and do it anyway! As someone said recently fear is so 2010, so get yourself together and be an empowered being! The time is now! Ok, onto the video… I’ve chose this one to start with, as it’s a perfect example of how things are not working out on a big scale and that it’s about time to make a change and/or if you’re already contributing to this change, to go bigger & do some more!

Getting rid of the illusion

All right… the first thing that jumped at me from this video was the following: If you don’t own or buy a lot of things you don’t have a value! What a dis-empowering belief!!! Did you ‘buy’ into it? We all did at some stage as it has been drilled into us for years! It’s time to let it go! Your value is not and never will be depending on how much stuff you have and can buy! You are valuable because you exist and that is enough for Source (God/All That Is) so why it’s not enough for you? If you never ever bought anything (apart from food!) would you partner stop loving you? Would your dog care? Is a person in remote place of the world living outside so called civilised world not valuable because he/she doesn’t contribute to this system? Is an elderly or sick person less valuable because they don’t spend all their time shopping? NO! So here goes out the window the illusion number one: Your worth has nothing to do with your credit rate & the amount of stuff you have! Null, nada, zippo! So start disassociating your identity from your wallet/bank account content! This is NOT who you are!

Another thing: commercials are designed to undermine your self worth… just because the people who want to sell stuff to you want to make sure you’ll buy their product, as they say: because you’re worth it! Attacking your self-worth and self-esteem is not particularly healthy thing to do, in my opinion. Why? It simply implies that you’re not enough when you don’t have this or that or if you don’t use certain things… well, we’re back to the illusion that stuff somewhat completes you, makes you more… Do you have any idea what this belief does to your soul? It shrinks it to the size of a peanut! It is toxic and unhealthy. How many people (of all ages) have image related issues? How many people don’t love & accept themselves for who they are? Too many! It’s time to become aware this and chose more empowering and positive message: there’s nothing that will add to your beauty & value because the real treasure & riches lie within you. Look for it inside and bring it out. Allow yourself to shine from inside out. Yes, I agree pretty clothes or nice make up help us feel better – I never said we can’t have/use those things. All I’m saying is those things don’t describe or define your value. I’m saying empowered person knows who he/she truly is and is embracing that truth and expresses it outwardly in many ways and forms.

So here are few suggestions:

– Become super aware of all the messages which are coming your way from media & society regarding consumption. Filter them out by asking yourself is it a healthy and/or empowering message?

– Chose & buy things that are for your highest good – ask your Higher Self: is that for me? (tip:joy is always a great indicator whether it’s for your highest good or not; so if it doesn’t lighten you up like a Christmas tree – it might not be for you!)

– Get into the habit of researching the product and companies and chose those who support and are fair to the environment & people who contribute to the product/service , i.e. fair trade, organic, eco-friendly, not tested on animals, from recycled materials, etc.

– Reduce, reuse, recycle!!!

– Buy less, share & swap things

– Always see the bigger picture and ask if and how this product/service contributes to the whole world/community? is it empowering or dis-empowering to all involved?

– Stop seeking spiritual fulfilment in consumption – you’re not going to find it there! Once again, no… it’s not there!

– Take responsibility for what is and act – so called ‘they’ (the government/big corporations) are not going to do it unless we influence them! It’s up to you ta make a change!

– Chose to always be in the power & live as an empowered being.

– Remember your true worth comes from within, and never can be defined by stuff.

I’d love you to share your thoughts and comments with me. Spread the message & share the love. Have a empowering & blessed week.