Hi, I’m Magdalena Moryson,
Your Empowerment & Transformation Coach
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Do you feel like in hectic everyday life you lost yourself and are now drifting through life on auto-pilot?

Are you too busy and too stressed to find time for yourself?

Do you feel anxious, worried and overburdened?

Would you like to just stop, and give yourself some space?

Would you like to reconnect with yourself and experience who you truly are and what you are capable of?

Embracing Your Inner Self

I help women to embrace who they truly are and teach them how to use their potential to create life they always dreamed of.  I help women just like you to feel good about them, to feel more empowered and joyful.  I offer something truly unique, because I show you on practical level how to step into empowerment instead of just telling you to seek it. I guide you on the inner journey so you can experience the richness of your inner self with all your flavours.  It’s all about the HOW to connect, experience and draw from within.

What do you want to experience?

Feel more empowered

Feel more uplifted

Feel more balanced